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Proven Door To Door (DTD) program taking care of the entire logistics process
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Whether you are an e-Commerce start-up business, an established online merchant, wholesaler or a leading online brand, EWFCL provides diverse range of courier services for your business

Door To Door (DTD) Program

We have a Door To Door (DTD) program which caters to the whole logistics process. Each shipment is picked up from the shipper at Origin and delivered to the Doorstep anywhere across India.

We take delivery of the cargo from the exporter’s factory or warehouse and conduct the complete transportation process right up to the buyer’s warehouse. This streamlines cargo movement by eradicating the necessity of multiple intermediaries while facilitating total logistics management at a reduced cost and the least risk of loss or damage to the merchandise.

The Account Coordinator acts as a ‘single window,’ continually monitoring shipments from origin to destination and the customs clearance procedure, ensuring that there are no communication gaps when engaging with the supply chain’s various agencies. Reports are created on a routine basis and sent to the appropriate personnel.

Our expertise in offering this level of value-added service can be credited to our broad reach within India through our branch offices and globally via our vast network of dependable agents.

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